“Surprise! We’re going out for dinner!”

This past week has been a stressful one.  I had to complete an economics assignment, participate in online discussion groups for a class I’ve never been to, complete a critical essay and readings I’ve never done, run around the city looking at places to rent, all while at the same time I had to manage to be a human being.

On a Friday after I had come home from an apartment viewing, I was getting ready to climb into bed and get ready for a night of bingeing on Netflix when I got a text from my friend that said, “I’m picking you up at 7:15, be ready.”

Me not being a huge fan of surprises began to panic because aforementioned, I was broke and I had about $22 to my name in the bank, so where could we possibly be going on a Friday night?

The club?



I was apprehensive in agreeing to this mysterious outing, but I had not seen these specific friends in a while so I agreed.

Low and behold it was dinner.

We went to this restaurant called LOCAL and immediately I started looking at the menu so I can see what I can get for under twenty dollars without letting myself starve because I hadn’t been eating well ever since I had gone broke.

I got the appetizer size quesadilla and an ice tea, I was anticipating to pay at least $16 because I had gotten at least three refills because I was super thirsty that day and I thought you had to pay for refills.

To my surprise I paid $13.

I won this battle…for now.


“I’ll take you out for your birthday, but it has to cost less than $50.”

In the preceding events, (where I declared myself broke once again), I had forgotten about something important that I had to do this week.

I had to take one of my oldest and dearest friends out for a birthday dinner.

All I had managed to save in this debacle was a fifty dollar bill, so I knew I had to make sure that the dinner for the both of us cost less than $50.  So the anxiety that I had over her picking which restaurant she wanted to go to (I had previously told her to choose where she wanted to eat).  She did pick one (3 Brewers), it was a cute laid-back restaurant in the middle of downtown Ottawa that had a huge selection of beer…yay.

Me being me, I went to the website and I downloaded a PDF of the menu and I studied (as I usually do before I eat at a new restaurant) and I calculated whether or not two meals would come up to $50.

When my friend ordered her food, I almost squeaked.  She ordered a pulled pork sandwich and a sample of 5 different beers, but you know, I kept my composure.  After I asked for the bills, I sat there in silence waiting for the waitress to bring me the bill.

It was $44.

Thank you God.