“Surprise! We’re going out for dinner!”

This past week has been a stressful one.  I had to complete an economics assignment, participate in online discussion groups for a class I’ve never been to, complete a critical essay and readings I’ve never done, run around the city looking at places to rent, all while at the same time I had to manage to be a human being.

On a Friday after I had come home from an apartment viewing, I was getting ready to climb into bed and get ready for a night of bingeing on Netflix when I got a text from my friend that said, “I’m picking you up at 7:15, be ready.”

Me not being a huge fan of surprises began to panic because aforementioned, I was broke and I had about $22 to my name in the bank, so where could we possibly be going on a Friday night?

The club?



I was apprehensive in agreeing to this mysterious outing, but I had not seen these specific friends in a while so I agreed.

Low and behold it was dinner.

We went to this restaurant called LOCAL and immediately I started looking at the menu so I can see what I can get for under twenty dollars without letting myself starve because I hadn’t been eating well ever since I had gone broke.

I got the appetizer size quesadilla and an ice tea, I was anticipating to pay at least $16 because I had gotten at least three refills because I was super thirsty that day and I thought you had to pay for refills.

To my surprise I paid $13.

I won this battle…for now.


“Mom, Dad…I’m broke again.”

After a fun weekend out partying in Toronto — that consisted of many vodka crans, being accosted by bottle service girls, a couple of Minions and an expensive Uber to the club — the following Monday, I decided to check up on my bank account to see how she was doing.  When I did, my bank account was not okay, it was on the verge of death.  She needed a medic and STAT.

I could not remember the last time I had seen such a number so low in my bank account.  I did a double-take, but no, my money was gone, it had disappeared.  In my sheer denial, I decided to scroll through the transactions to see if I had been a victim of credit card fraud.


I check my chequing account to see if it had been tampered with.


I could already hear my mother yelling at me, as she had given me about $200 a couple of days ago when I visited home and I could hear my dad telling me for the umpteenth time to "get a job".  I knew I couldn't face them on the phone or having to say for at least 20 minutes "I know, I'm sorry" or "I don't know what happened" or my favourite "being a human in this economy is hard".

So instead of calling my parents respectively to give them the grave update of my fallen bank account, I created a group chat with the both of them and texted them that I was broke again.

They both left me on "read".

Maybe they've had enough of me?